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If you want to discover art and history: a town considered the “Capital of the Castilian Mudejar”, Olmedo has a great historical-artistic heritage: castles, monasteries, churches and palaces are waiting for you to talk about other times and other people, other desires and other ways of living. 

Just a few kilometers away you have other very interesting proposals, such as the Museum of Roman Villas and the Roman Villa of Almenara-Puras, the castles of Coca, de la Mota and Íscar or the nearby town of Medina del Campo, a city of fairs and history where you can travel from the Iron Age to the time of the Catholic Kings. You can also visit the Mudéjar Theme Park and, if you come with your family, there are numerous active tourism activities and a visit to Granja de Desarrollo de Ovino A.G.M. (A.G.M. Sheep Development Farm). 

 If you want to relax: the greatest exponent can be found in the thermal area of the hotel together with peace in natural surroundings of Castilla Termal Olmedo. You can allow yourself be carried away by the massages in the Spring''s Garden or practice a yoga session. 

•        If you like gastronomy: you have come to the right place because you will be able to taste the best dishes and pair them with our Converso wine in the hotel restaurant. And if you are one of those who just cannot get your fill, there are many good options in the surrounding area. Nearby is La Botica Restaurant, which has a Michelin Green Star. You can also visit two local cheese dairies: La Cruz del Pobre and Campoveja. 

 If you want to go for a walk: you can take long walks through the quiet streets of the town inside or outside its walls, visit its monuments and, of course, its natural environment. Not surprisingly this is the Land of Pine Trees, and if you are one of those people who like to connect with nature, here you can enjoy it with all five senses and feel the centenary pine trees around you, smell the resin and moss, listen to the murmur of the Eresma river or see the play of colours offered by its different spots.

If you prefer wine tourism: we can also suggest some appealing activities such as the Rueda Wine Route (which includes the wineries of La Mejorada, Campo Elíseo, Menade and Bodega de Alberto), private tastings in the hotel itself or the labyrinth cellar El Hilo de Ariadna, an emblematic place where the Yllera group is founded.