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Legend was not wrong when it spoke of "celestial powers" because the waters that flow under the old Sancti Spiritus Convent have been declared mineral-medicinal, thermal and of Public Utility and now, they are used for wellness experiences and in the preparation of our cosmetics.

The Sancti Spiritus Spring has a daily flow of 1,468,800 litres. The temperature in which it emerges is 22ºC and has been defined and catalogued as hypothermal water with strong mineralization and sodium chloride. 

Now that you know the reasons why you should enjoy our waters, let us tell you how...

  • Thermal pool: Castilla Termal Olmedo has two activity pools of mineral-medicinal thermal water, one indoors and one outdoors, with different jacuzzis, individual bubble massage beds and seats, relaxing swirl jets, waterfalls and pressure jets, as well as a large relaxation area.
  • Mudéjar Courtyard Experience: we invite you to discover a unique place, set in Mudejar art and inspired by the 14th century Royal Convent of Santa Clara in Tordesillas, where humid and dry spaces are combined with contrasting cold and heat to stimulate the blood, aid thermoregulation, eliminate toxins or decongest the respiratory tract... The paintings that decorate its walls with plant and geometric motifs are a reproduction of the Mudejar frescoes of the Alcázar of Segovia. The relaxation room still houses the original chimney from the Sancti Spiritus Convent, originally used by the Bernarda''s nuns who used to cook there, and which is now used as a natural fire.
  • Our own exclusive thermal products: body milk, hand cream, refreshing gel, bath gel, shampoo, facial cream or mineral-medicinal thermal water spray.