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Castilla Termal Olmedo dwells in what used to be the Sancti Spiritus convent, a 12th century Mudejar building. Some of its rooms are built over the old cells of that convent, those in which Santa Teresa de Jesús or Queen Juana I of Castile, two of its most illustrious residents, slept.

Located in what is considered the “Capital of the Castilian Mudejar” or "Town of the seven sevens", due to its seven churches and seven convents, seven squares and seven fountains, seven entrances through its seven arches and seven villages within its outlying area with seven royal houses. Olmedo has a great historical-artistic, cultural and gastronomic heritage of which Castilla Termal Olmedo is a good representative.

History and art are two clear attractions, but literature is no less so. In fact, Olmedo is also known for Lope de Vega’s great play “El Caballero de Olmedo”.

Moreover, we cannot forget the natural beauty of its landscapes. In fact, Olmedo owes its name to the abundance of elm trees that existed in the area. Today, nature is still important, and the place stands out due to its pine forests, which are unique to enjoy an exceptional walk, through beautiful trails and through its vineyards. No wonder that it is a wineries route for the Rueda denomination of origin and for wine tourism areas.

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